Leadership Development

Organisations are facing challenges of much greater complexity, and the rate of change is increasing at a faster pace. Never before has leadership been so critical in bringing about organisational effectiveness and ensuring the delivery of high levels of performance through its people.

We recognise that individuals work in their own cultural and organisational context. Our aim is to work uniquely with that person, to encourage self-discovery through reflection on past experiences, and to use real ‘live’ situations. We use frameworks and models that help individuals make sense of their own situations and behaviours so that they are clear about what changes they need to make. Our facilitation style creates an environment where it is safe to experiment and where powerful opportunities for sustained behavioural change and enhanced personal and professional impact occur.

Leadership from the ‘inside out’ and ‘outside in’

It is now widely recognised that intellectual learning alone does not increase leadership ability.  Leaders need to deal with issues at a rational and cognitive level and also engage people at an emotional level so that they increase their performance for optimal sustained results.  Leadership is a process, an expression of who we are and not just what we do.  We, therefore, explore leadership from the ‘inside out’ and from the ‘outside in’, using a range of adult learning methods.  These include experiential learning, psychometrics and 360º instruments, coaching and action learning sets.

Leadership of Self

We help participants develop their self-awareness by exploring their strengths, development challenges, and their own authentic leadership style, by connecting with their core talents, purpose, values, and vision, and overcoming their blocks and disruptive patterns of behaviour. 

Leadership of Others

Once participants have a clear sense of who they are, they learn the key ingredients of leading others including influencing at all levels, engaging people and engendering trust, developing others through coaching, giving encouragement and developmental feedback, and managing conflict.

Leadership of the Organisation

We also help individuals to develop their capacity to think adaptively and strategically, seeing the implications of their decision making and actions in a wider context.  Once leaders understand situations systemically they are able to implement processes which sustain the effective performance of an organisation.