Leadership for Women

Leadership for women is not just a women’s issue – research has shown that companies fail to incorporate women’s perspectives into their decision-making process and risk underperforming and losing competitive advantage leading to poorer business results.

Our leadership programme for women is intended to help advance women in their careers and into more senior leadership roles.  It examines what it takes for talented women to be successful and be the leader they want to be.  Our programme is based on research on how women lead and what they need to focus on to become better leaders.

The programme provides an opportunity for participants to become more self-confident and effective as a leader.  It increases their self-awareness, helps them identify their core strengths and understand what energises them at work.  The programme also explores aspects of power and influence, and helps participants develop skills to work strategically.  Women are encouraged to create their future vision and goals to fulfil their potential as a leader and navigate their way through the organisational ‘labyrinth’.

We offer a mixture of focused theoretical input, experiential learning in a safe environment, time for reflection and intense feedback so that participants learn about their impact on others. There is an opportunity to practice new skills so that women have the confidence to apply these back in the workplace.