Our Clients


Global Engineering Company

We designed and delivered a 4-day women’s leadership programme, which is being rolled out globally to senior women in the organisation.  This highly successful programme focuses on increasing women’s confidence to take on more senior leadership roles and to become more effective networkers and influencers.

International NGO

We initially administered the Organisational Culture Inventory and conducted an analysis of the current culture of four countries in West Africa. We compared the results to the organisation’s values and competencies and made recommendations for changing the culture. The following year we were invited back to run workshops in five offices in one of the countries to help staff take responsibility for changing their culture, increase their motivation and readiness for change. Some months later following the senior managers’ series of consultation meetings with staff, they collectively drew up and signed a charter of behaviours, which clearly demonstrated their commitment to changing their culture.

Ministry in Jamaica

A ministry was undergoing transformation as a result of government reform. One of the major obstacles was getting senior managers to commit to taking up their leadership mantle and leading change rather than abdicating responsibility.  During our diagnostic interviews we uncovered the existence of fear and a lack of trust among senior managers resulting in little commitment and accountability. We subsequently rolled out a 4-day leadership development programme for senior managers which focused on the process of building trust and commitment among the participants during the programme; getting them to understand their role and responsibilities as leaders of the ministry; inspiring them to influence politicians and staff effectively and lead transformation.  Following several programmes there was a positive shift in behaviours of senior managers, resulting in a more effective and committed leadership team.