Coaching for Development – Leader as Coach

Part of a leader’s responsibility is to develop their people, enabling individuals to reach their potential. Coaching is a powerful skill and one of the key leadership styles when used in the appropriate context.

Sabehia Consulting designs and delivers bespoke coaching programmes for leaders and managers in your organisation who want to develop their ability to coach others for higher levels of performance.   

Our programme is aimed at helping leaders to: 

  • appreciate their dual role in managing individual performance and developing people
  • understand what coaching is and is not, when to use coaching and on whom
  • learn the process of coaching – from establishing a clear goal, exploring the issues, to developing solutions and commitment with the coachee
  • practise the skills of coaching including being present, listening at different levels, asking insightful questions, raising the coachee’s awareness and challenging their thinking.

Our programmes are highly experiential with plenty of opportunity to practise and receive feedback from both the facilitators and other course participants.  Delegates will have greater confidence in using their coaching skills and a clear idea of their application back in the workplace.