Positive Power and Influence Programmes®

People with responsibility in organisations spend most of their time trying to influence others – their staff, colleagues, managers, clients, suppliers … inside and outside the organisation.  In today’s world of flatter organisational structures and matrix management, the challenges of being able to influence others are even greater.

Positive Power and Influence (PPI)®

Training gives people the style flexibility they need to influence effectively across a wide range of situations. PPI participants develop the skills to

  • Using and influencing skills to meet their objectives and maintain positive working relationships
  • Influence others regardless of their position in the hierarchy
  • Present their views in a persuasive way, with vision and logic
  • Stimulate enthusiasm and commitment
  • Create a positive impact on others gaining respect and credibility.

In-company courses can be of two to five days’ duration, depending on the amount of time required for skills practice and coaching.